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Issued Restraining Order due to Toxic Spill in USA

Washington, Jan 14 (Prensa Latina) A U.S. judge issued a temporary restraining order against Freedom Industries company to preserve the evidence over the toxic spill in a river in West Virginia, an incident that affected at least 300.000 people.

Judge James Stucky also set a hearing for next January 23 to determine if the measure should be lifted or extended. Such measure prevents the company from modifying any structure, equipment, materials and conditions of the plant where the accident occurred while the causes are investigated.

In addition, he has received so far 19 lawsuits against Freedom Industries for damages resulting from the spill.

Last Thursday at least 5.000 gallons of methylcyclohexane methanol fell to Elk River, which was contained in a tank of 40.000.

The spill of the toxic product originated in a carbon treatment factory of Freedom Industries, which also contaminated a water supply plant and consequently affected nine counties of Charleston, the capital of West Virginia.

The White House said the spill as a disaster and the authorities of the territory decreed the emergency state in the impacted areas, where schools, bars and restaurants, were closed and the population was unable to consume tap water for four days.

Total de artículos: 479 mostrando: 41 - 50

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