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Organization of the program

Citi of TararaThis program was set in the pediatric hospital located in Tarara city, 27 km from downtown, on the eastern part of Havana City province.
This city has a 11 km2 area where there are 520 houses, hospital facilities and administrative buildings in addition to 850 m shoreline.
Tarara used to be the headquarters of “José Martí” international pioneer camp in which over 3 million Cuban children spent their class and vacation time.

Citi of Tarara
In 1990, the Cuban pioneers donated this resort in a goodwill gesture for the medical assistance of children coming from those areas affected by Chernobil plant accident.
People living in the Cuban capital city willingly and enthusiastically participated in refurbishing of all the camp facilities. In June1990, we already began to receive children coming from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.

The medical services are structured into three levels of care:

• primary assistance level comprising comprehensive medical assistance given by family physicians and nurses to the patients at their houses; they were organized in different clinical areas where psychologists, translators and other medical specialists were involved.
• The Secondary Level of attention is offered at the hospitalization and treatment areas of the pediatric hospital in Tarara.

• The Tertiary Level covers the services that several pediatric hospitals, specialized and state-of-the-art technology centres and institutes in Havana provide; for example, the Hematology Institute, the Cardiocenter in “William Soler” hospital, the Neurological Restoration Center (CIREN), the Placental Histotherapy Center and others.

The inter-sectoral nature of this program, with the involvement of several bodies and institutions of the Cuban state allow carrying out this activity successfully.

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: Senior Editor First Degree Specialist in Comprehensive General Medicine and Deputy Director for In-Hospital Care | Tarara Pediatric Hospital, Ministry of Public Health | 19, 19th Street, Tarara, Habana del Este, Havana City, 10900 Cuba | Phone: (537) 7971000 and (537) 7971536 , Office hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

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