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Narrowing the Health Sector Reform Knowledge Gap

Liz Nugent
Resource Center Manager

Partnerships for Health Reform

To develop more effective health systems to improve health status, reduce health inequalities, and enhance fairness in the delivery and financing of health care, policymakers need access to information and need to learn from the experiences of others and from their own country's past.

In an effort to expand the knowledge base on issues related to health reform and to link health systems (and their research components) worldwide, the Partnerships for Health Reform (PHR) Resource Center was established. The mission of the Resource Center is to collect information on health reform from a broad spectrum of sources, organize the information in an automated bibliographic storage and retrieval system, provide research and reference services, and disseminate the information to constituents worldwide. To enhance dissemination, PHR's electronic strategy includes using online information services as part of the acquisition strategy; actively publicizing PHR reports and events; generating topic-specific bibliographies for posting to the website; and making the searchable bibliographic database available on the web. 

To date the PHR Resource Center has collected close to 4,000 documents on health reform including particularly hard?to?access grey literature. Citations for these documents, including ordering information as available, is included on the web-based database. Over the past year, some 11,000 documents, both electronic and hard copy, were distributed to constituents worldwide. Visitors from nearly 100 countries accessed the PHR website and downloaded full text copies of over 65 PHR publications.

Generating and disseminating an information base on health reform quickens the pace of on-going reform. Systematic generation and dissemination of information is key to better inform health systems policy decisions.

At the conclusion of the session, participants will be able to:
1. Outline the basic steps for planning, staffing, and maintaining a resource center.
2. Determine the most appropriate method(s) for disseminating research results.
3. Identify steps along the continuum from publication to dissemination.

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