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The Internet Relay Chat (IRC) sessions will be held on the CRICS’ Uninet channel. The schedule that appears in the program is based on local Cuban time (Eastern Standard Time). Please remember to adjust your schedule according to the country or time zone from which you are connecting.

The IRC will provide each author of an electronic posting with the opportunity to debate or clarify any questions that are raised about their work. Authors should present themselves on the CRICS channel five minutes before the prescribed start time. All who wish to participate in the IRC discussion sessions should be familiar with the established standards in the chat on Uninet


 Date & Time

Electronics Posters

Traditional Posters 


 Opening of Virtual CRICS 


PO-01, PO-02


PO-03, PO-05 y PO-06

03:00-04:00  PO-07, PO-08 y PO-09  
10:00-11:00  PO-18, PO-19 y PO-20  P-02, P-04 y P-06
11:00-12:00   PO-21, PO-22 y PO-23   P-08, P-09 y P-13
12:00-01:00  RECESO RECESO
01:00-02:00   PO-24, PO-25 y PO-26   P-14, P-15 y  P-16
02:00-03:00   PO27, PO-28 y PO-29   P-17, P-20 y P-22
10:00-11:00  PO-30, PO-31, PO-32    P-23, P-25 y P-26
11:00-12:00   PO-33, PO-34 y PO-35   P-27, P-29 y P-32
12:00-01:00   PO-36 y PO-37   P-34, P-35 y P-36 
01:00-02:00 Clausure of Virtual CRICS 




Home Page  Presentation  |  Program  |  Modalities |  Instructions  
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